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Irvine Housing Association is committed to encouraging resident and tenant involvement across the communities we work in.

What is tenant and resident involvement?

It’s a way for you, our service users, to help us improve by letting us know what you think. It’s important that you have your say in how your home and local environment is managed.

What does it involve?

There are a number of ways to get involved to suit you and fit around your lifestyle. It will only take as much of your time as you want it to, it won’t cost you a penny and we will support you with advice and training if you need it.

What are the benefits?

By getting involved you can influence the service you receive. There’s no-one better to help us improve our service than our own tenants and residents. By working together we will be able to decide what we should improve and how. And as well as helping to improve your service you could also learn new skills and make new friends.

How you can get involved:

Join your local tenants and residents group

Join our Scrutiny Panel

Become a shareholder

Attend local events

Public consultations

Irvine Housing Association sometimes puts together a response to public consultations are often launched on a range of matters by the Government, as well as other public bodies.

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  • We are always open to suggestions on improvements for
  • We are always open to suggestions on improvements for