What is transparency?          

Transparency is about the visibility of the decisions we take and the factors that influence them, including what our plans are and how we recruit and pay Board members. It is also about how we design and prioritise our services, how we procure and pay for them, and how services perform.

Where can I find out more about Irvine Housing Association’s approach to transparency?

 Irvine Housing Association’s approach to transparency is set out in our Transparency statement which is available on our website. This explains our guiding principles, what we will publish routinely and how we deal with requests for information. It also explains the circumstances when we might refuse to provide information.

Why does  Irvine Housing Association need a Transparency statement?

Irvine Housing Association has always aimed to be open and accountable to our tenants, residents and stakeholders and want to build on this approach. We invest heavily in resident involvement and scrutiny and have therefore taken steps to ensure that we make information available which reflects their wishes and priorities.

Is Irvine Housing Association subject to Freedom of Information legislation.

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 provide public access to information held by public authorities. However Irvine Housing Association is not a public authority so is not bound by these laws.

What do tenants and residents want to know about Irvine Housing Association ?

Tenants and residents we have consulted say they are interested in those things which affect them most closely. These include: information about standard and extra services we provide, how we are performing, what we spend and plans and priorities, particularly those relating to major repairs and improvements.

What do I do if I want to find out more about Irvine Housing Association?

The website is a good place to start and we routinely share information such as newsletters and our annual reports here, but you can also get information from the Customer Service Centre, or from the office.

There is also information on the services we provide, our Board Members and our Senior Management Team on the website.

What if the Information I need is not readily available?

You can contact us in the normal ways – telephone, email or letter or tweet and ask if we can provide the information. For details please visit the Contact us page on our website.

How quickly will you respond?

We  normally respond to letters within five working days and email, telephone or social media enquiries within one working day. If we are able to provide all or some of the information you have requested we will do this within 20 working days.

Are there any reasons why you might refuse my request?

In some cases we will be unable to provide the information. This is likely to be the case where it would involve disclosing personal information to a third party as defined by the Data Protection Act or:

  • the information is confidential or commercially sensitive
  • the information is in draft form
  • disclosure is prevented by law
  • the information is not readily available or is difficult to access.

If you are not happy with any decision we make you can write to us and explain the reason why and we will look at it again.

Will Irvine Housing Association charge me any money to respond to any requests for information I make?  

At the moment we do not charge for responding to information requests. However we reserve the right to change this approach in the future if we receive a high volume of requests or  if specific information requested will be particularly costly (e.g. in terms of time or materials) for Irvine Housing Association to provide. If we decide we want to charge to provide information you request, we will let you know and ask if you wish to proceed.

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