Our Vision

Irvine Housing Association is a charitable Registered Society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 managed by Executive Directors, and governed by a Board.

Our aim is to transform lives and revitalise neighbourhoods.

Our strategy is broken down into three objectives

We are building: We’ll be stepping up supply, building more homes for rent and sale, and offering a helping hand to those who can’t afford a property of their own.

We are connecting: We’ll put customers first, connecting them with excellent services that they can access online. We’ll work with those who need extra support, helping them to turn their lives around.

We are renewing: Neighbourhoods matter to us. We’ll be improving some of our most challenging communities, narrowing the gap between our best and worst performing places, and adding value to our homes.

We will achieve these objectives by following three routes

Adding value: Driving better value for money across the Group, by maximising our income and driving down costs, enabled by further investment in our key IT systems and infrastructure.

Engaging our people: Embedding a culture of high performance as an employer of choice, with a clear focus on engagement, equality and diversity and effective communication.

Raising performance: Improving joined up planning and performance reporting across the Group, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory standards as part of a ‘safety first’ culture.   

Our Vision & Values

Vision: Transforming lives, revitalising neighbourhoods


  • We are people-focused, empowering our diverse customers and colleagues to fulfil their potential.
  • We are courageous, taking responsibility for our decisions and actions, standing up for those without a voice.
  • We are trusted, great collaborators, acting with honesty and integrity.
  • We are ambitious, pushing ourselves to do more and be better.

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  • We are always open to suggestions on improvements for Riverside.org.uk